Miscreants and Miscreation

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Miscreants and Miscreation is scenario four. It was first published on August 21, 2008.


Special rules

When monsters appear, double the number of monsters that appear.


Setup as normal. Add the Dunwich Horror monsters to the cup. Remove the following monsters from the cup:

Ancient One: Abhoth can communicate telepathically. After an investigator battles a child of Abhoth, they must make a Will check. If they fail they lose 2 sanity as Abhoth speaks directly into their minds.

Remove the following allies from the stack before randomly choosing the 11 allies for the game.


Remove the following from the decks:

Unique items


If you successfully evade a child of abhoth you do not need to make a will check. You do make the will check after combat regardless of winning, losing, or drawing. The will check is at +0.

Double the monsters does not apply to spawned monsters (Child of Abhoth or Dunwich Horror). It does apply to any other monster appearing (A monster appears, a gate and a monster appear, gate opening). If a monster surge occurs, the number of monsters that appear is not doubled. (This would unbalance larger teams.) If a card instructs you to place monsters in the streets, that amount is doubled. If a rumor has you place monsters on it that amount is not doubled (as this would cause most rumors to go off instantly).

All the Flesh Ward spells should be removed from the spell deck.

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