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Rhan-Tegoth is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror board game.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -4

Defenses: Physical Immunity

Worshippers: Rhan-Tegoth is worshipped by the twisted creatures of the tundra. Gnoph-Keh gain Nightmarish 1.

Power: Insatiable Hunger: While Rhan-Tegoth stirs in his slumber, any Cultist that is drawn from the monster cup is placed on this sheet. The terror level then increases by 1, a doom token is added to the doom track, and a replacement monster is drawn.

Start of Battle: Rhan-Tegoth gains 2 extra doom tokens for each Cultist on this sheet.

Attack: Rhan-Tegoth drains the blood from a victim. The investigator with the highest current Stamina (first player breaks ties) rolls dice equal to his Stamina and loses 1 Stamina for each failed die. For each Stamina Rhan-Tegoth drains, the investigators must inflict one extra success on him in order to defeat him.

Doom Track: 11


Mythos Source

Rhan-Tegoth first appeared in The Horror in the Museum (1932), ghost-written by H.P. Lovecraft for Hazel Heald.


Stamina loss inflicted by Rhan-Tegoth's attack cannot be prevented or reduced by any means.