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Riots is a mythos card. It first appeared in the Dunwich Horror expansion.

Card Information

Mythos Type: Rumor

Gate Opens: Cold Spring Glen

Clue Appears At:

Monster Movement
SlashSlash dimensional symbolStarStar dimensional symbolTriangleTriangle dimensional symbol
HexagonHexagon dimensional symbol

Mythos Ability: When this card enters play, place 3 Stamina tokens per player on it. Any player may pay Stamina while in the Northside streets during the Arkham Encounters Phase to remove Stamina tokens from this card on a 1-for-1 basis.

Ongoing Effect: Place 1 Stamina token per player on this card at the end of every Mythos Phase (beginning the turn after it entered play).

Pass: If there are no Stamina tokens on this card, return it to the box. Each player draws 1 Spell.

Fail: If there are 6 Stamina tokens per player on this card, return it to the box. From now on, it costs investigators 2 movement points to enter a street area instead of 1.