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Y'Golonac is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Kingsport Horror expansion.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -4

Defenses: Physical Resistance

Worshippers: Y'Golonac's worshippers are possessed by him and revert to their normal form upon death. Each time an investigator defeats a Cultist, increase the terror level by 1.

Power: Corrupting Text - While Y'Golonac stirs in his slumber, each time an investigator draws a Tome from any deck after dealing out starting equipment (whether he keeps the Tome or not) add one doom token to Y'Golonac's doom track.

Attack: Wounds from Y'Golonac's hands remain open and bleeding. Each investigator loses 1 point of Sanity and/or Stamina, split between the two however he likes. This increases by 1 point each successive round (e.g., 2 points in round two, 3 in round three, etc.).

Doom Track: 12



Y'Golonac's Corrupting Text ability does not trigger if an investigator is instructed to look through a deck and take an item of his choice unless he takes a Tome.

Mythos Source

Y'Golonac first appeared in Cold Print (1969), written by Ramsey Campbell.