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Yibb-Tstll is an Ancient One. She first appeared in the Kingsport Horror expansion.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -X

Defenses: Special

Worshippers:Yibb-Tstll is served by the Nightgaunts. All Nightgaunts have their horror damage increased to 3 Sanity.

Power: All-Seeing - While Yibb-Tstll stirs in her slumber, the difficulty of all Evade checks is increased by 1.

In addition, no investigator can have more than 5 Clue tokens at once.

When Yibb-Tstll awakens, X is set to the number of Clue tokens left on the board.

Start of Battle: When Yibb-Tstll awakens all investigators lose all Clue tokens.

Attack: The first player rolls dice equal to his focus. If he does not roll at least one success, he is devoured. If he rolls two or more successes he is Blessed. It takes twice as many successes as usual to remove each doom token from Yibb-Tstll's doom track.

Doom Track: 11


Mythos Source

Yibb-Tstll first appeared in Cement Surroundings (1969), written by Brian Lumley.