Feeding Time

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Feeding Time is scenario three. It was first published on July 29, 2008.


Special rules

Each turn all monsters in Arkham move, and they always move towards the Black Cave. At the end of every Mythos phase, any monsters on the Black Cave are removed from the board as they are fed to the beast. Each turn monsters are removed, raise the terror level one spot or add one doom token. Formless Spawn may move three spaces and have a -2 penalty to Will checks, as Tsathoggua feeds and gains power. If any investigator ends their movement on the Black Cave, they must make a Fight (-X) check where X equals the number of doom tokens on the doom track. If they fail they are devoured.


Setup as normal. Add the Dunwich Horror monsters to the cup.

Ancient One: Tsathoggua

Remove the following from the decks:

Unique items


The Dunwich Board

Any monster (regardless of border color) in Dunwich, moves every Mythos phase. All monsters moving in Dunwich move towards the vortex above the Backwoods Country street location. Flyers move to the sky, then on the following turn move to the vortex. Green bordered monsters move 1 space in addition to triggering their normal movement special rules. If this special movement would take them to a location other than the vortex, the special movement ie. Hound of Tindalos takes precedence. Yellow bordered monster move 1 space towards the vortex.

Arkham Board

Any monster (regardless of border color) in Arkham, moves every Mythos phase. All monsters in Arkham move towards the Black Cave. Flyers move to the sky and then on the following turn move to the Black Cave. Green bordered monsters move 1 space in addition to triggering their normal movement special rules. If this special movement would take them to a location other than the Black Cave, the special movement ie. Hound of Tindalos takes precedence. Yellow bordered monster move 1 space towards the Black Cave. Monsters do move if they share a space with an Investigator. The monster that appears due to a gate opening on the Black Cave is not subject to the end of Mythos phase effect, until the following Mythos phase. This allows players a turn to fight a flier or move to the Black Cave to catch the flier when it descends. Fliers do count towards monster limit, even if they are coming from Dunwich. Treat Stalkers like green bordered monsters. They move the one space, then use their special movement, even if they move onto a space with an investigator.

Stalkers move their 1 movement towards the Black Cave. They then move their stalker movement towards the closest investigator. Any fast monster will be able to make it from the Graveyard to the Black Cave. Monsters do not get devoured until the end of the Mythos Phase, as such each team would be able to attack them before they get eaten, assuming the investigator doesn't get eaten. Monsters in Dunwich do not move if sharing a space with an investigator.

Investigators returning from a gate which opened on the Black Cave must make the fight check upon returning from the Other World.

Formless Spawn have a horror rating of -3.

The numbers of cards removed are accurate. The extra Healing Stone is due to the sheer number of questions Kevin gets about 2 Healing Stones and the other cards that were to replace cards. The other numbers are correct, you will be removing some cards, and not the full set of them.

If a gate is open on the Black Cave, an Investigator may move to the Black Cave to enter the gate. If they do so they must still pass the fight check, as Tsathoggua's minions race to feed them to the famished ape. If they seal the gate, monsters still move as instructed above.

Monsters must spend one full turn on the Black Cave to be devoured, even if they spawn at the Black Cave, fly there, ooze there what have you...

Fliers moving to the sky are treated as if they came from Arkham. ie. A Byakhee spawns in Dunwich. Next turn it moves to the sky. The following turn it moves to the Black Cave. The following turn it is eaten.

The Black Cave check is a fight check not a combat check.

The Dunwich Horror is not subject to any Scenario rules. It is way too powerful for that.


"Ashcan" Pete wiped the sleep from his eyes. After the last few weeks, it’s been harder and harder to keep going. The battle with the snake people, the horror of friends turned to enemies and back again, the whispers following his fight with the horrors too numerous to count. Laying back down, Pete scratches Duke’s head. “You and me dog. We’s all right. Mebbe tonight we get a good nights sleep.” No sooner than he lays down, Pete watches as a shadow detaches from a tree, and reaches for him. “Ashcan” picks up his walking stick, swings for the fences, and knocks the shadow into the bushes. “I am sick and tired of dealing with this stuff. You and me dog are gonna hop the train into Dunwich.” Pete turns to grab his pack and sees the shadow rising up again. He picks up his stick and walks toward it with a gleam in his eye.

Jim Culver snaps his trumpet case closed, and heads for the door at Velma’s. He’s got a train to catch, finally get out of this mixed up town. Just last week he ended up fighting with some thing that nearly took his head off. Enough of this, he thinks, I got to get me out of here. Walking down the street, Jim keeps seeing small groups of people with hoods drawn heading toward downtown. I want no part of this. Jim picks up his pace and runs right into a pair of the hooded strangers. Looking up they ask, “Are you here to honor the lord of N’Kai?” Jim stands up to run, as two more men emerge from the alley holding a struggling young woman. They yell, “What are you two waiting for? Grab that musician and head to the cave.” The pair standing next to Jim grab him by the arms, and pull him into the night.

Diana Stanley ties her pack closed. Tonight is the night she has planned for. Try to sacrifice someone to this toad, she thinks, I will stop you. She tightens her robe, and slips out into the night. Heading down towards the Silver Twilight Lodge, she runs her plan over in her mind. Distracted by her heroic thoughts, she misses two men step in behind her. As she walks they catch up and grab her by the shoulder. “Evenin’ Diana. Where you headed this time of night?” “Tony, David I didn’t expect you to be part of this ceremony.” “What ceremony? We were told not to let anyone near the lodge tonight.” “Well I wouldn’t expect you to be told...” Her voice trails off as two midnight tendrils whip out of the alley, snagging both men by the neck. She turns and flees to sound of screams in the night.

The bass notes still ringing in the air, Marie Lambeau steps off stage. She left it all up on the stage, and now she needs a drink. Sitting at the bar, nursing a scotch, she watches the crowd mingle and move. The air feels tense tonight, she thinks. The doors burst open and liquid darkness moves in the room. The inky shape oozes across the floor, and slithers up the end of the bar. No one in the room has noticed it yet, and it is moving slowly down the bar. Nonchalantly Marie stands up and walks out the back door. Once out the door, she hails a cab and heads for Ma's Boarding House. That nice fella Michael McGlen’ll know what to do.

Changing out the bulb on his flash, Darrell Simmons mutters to himself. I have seen some crazy things, but nothing is like that stuff I saw on the train ride over here. Dunwich is a far hike just for a photo, yet Darrell jumped at the chance when his editor asked for shots of the newly opened train depot in Dunwich. The ride over was fairly uneventful, an older lady went missing, something was found eating a passenger, scuttling noises turned out to be beetles with human faces feasting in the baggage car, you know normal stuff. Hopping off the train, Darrell saw a shadow duck into the depot. I know it was right here, Darrell thought as he scouted the building. Concentrating so hard on looking low, he missed the inky darkness drop from the ceiling. With a thump, it lands in front of him. Startled Darrell took a panicked picture, and falls backward. The formless thing grabs the gentleman who had been standing next to Darrell, and dashes out into the night.

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