Gilman and his King

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Gilman and his King is the seventh scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Ithaqua

Setup as normal, adding the King in Yellow components as a Touring Performance but WITHOUT the King in Yellow Herald. Remove all Tomes from the Unique Items decks of the base game and the expansion, except for the King in Yellow Tomes. (Note: The phrasing is ambiguous, but the special rule concerning King in Yellow Tomes from the Unique Items deck suggests that only Tomes from the Unique Items deck of the base game are removed.)

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

One investigator must take Walter Gilman as an ally at the beginning of the game. He replaces either one Unique Item or two Common Items from that investigator's starting equipment (fixed or random). Walter Gilman cannot be discarded or sacrificed under any circumstances.

Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

File:KingInYellow symbol.png
Yellow Sign illustration

Each time an investigator draws a card of any kind that contains a Yellow Sign illustration, or the Yellow Sign name on the title or text of the card, he/she loses 1 Sanity. Additionally, if the card drawn is the King in Yellow Tome, all investigators reduce their Maximum Sanity by 1 point. If that takes any Maximum Sanity to 0, that investigator is Devoured.

Each time a Stationary monster (yellow border) is placed in any Arkham Location or Street, reveal the top card of the Unique Items deck. If that card is a King in Yellow Tome, add a Doom Token to the Doom Track. If it's any other card, place a monster in the Outskirts.

These Yellow Sign rules apply before dealing the starting possessions of the investigators and last all game long.

Winning the Game

Winning conditions are normal, as described in the base game rules.


“... he orders me to come and hear how the King says he's sleepy. And it's impossible to keep his Highness waiting."

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