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Other Worlds are represented by large circular spaces on the edge of the game board. These spaces represent bizarre locales, strange dimensions, and alternate realities. Investigators typically enter Other Worlds by exploring Gates.


Movement in an Other World works differently from movement in Arkham. During the movement phase, if an investigator is in the first area of the Other World, he or she moves to the second area. If the investigator is in the second area of the Other World, they return to Arkham. The player chooses a gate in Arkham to appear from and places his investigator marker on that area. An "explored" marker is then placed under the investigator to show he has explored that gate - the marker remains until the investigator leaves that location.

If there is no open gate leading to an Other World when the investigator tries to return, the character is instead Lost in Time and Space.

Also, investigators NEVER receive movement points while beginning their Movement Phase in an Other World. Investigators can never gain movement points even through use of an item whilst in an Other World.


Each Other World is marked by one or more colors. During the Other World encounters phase investigators in an Other World draw cards from the gate deck until they get a card matching one of the colors for that Other World. They then follow the instructions just like regular encounters.

Insanity or Unconsciousness

If an investigator is reduced to 0 Sanity or 0 Stamina while in an Other World they also become Lost in Time and Space. That player must then choose and discard half of their items and half of their Clue Tokens, rounding down (this includes Common Items, Unique Items, Spells, the Deputy's Revolver, and the Patrol Wagon). The player also loses all retainers. The investigator then has their Sanity and/or Stamina returned to 1, moves to the Lost in Time and Space area, and becomes delayed.

List of other worlds

Other world Blue Green Red Yellow Expansion
Abyss X X
Another Dimension X X X X
Another Time X X 2Dunwich Horror
City of the Great Race X X
Great Hall Of Celeano X X
Lost Carcosa X X 2Dunwich Horror
Plateau Of Leng X X
R'lyeh X X
The Dreamlands X X X X
The Underworld X X 4Kingsport Horror
Unknown Kadath X X 4Kingsport Horror
Yuggoth X X

List of other world encounters

Gate cards