The Dark Pharaoh

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The Dark Paraoh is a herald. He was released online, and is also available in The Curse of the Dark Pharaoh (Revised Edition).

The Dark Pharoah - Avatar of Nyarlathotep

When the Dark Pharoah is the Herald, place The Dark Pharoah monster token in the monster cup at the start of the game even if Nyarlathotep is not the Ancient One.

The Pharoah's Curse

"Know, O Thief, that these things are mine, For I am the Dark Pharoah, him of the Crawling Chaos. Take what is mine and your blood will boil in your skin, As I reveal to you my Other Faces and my True Glory."

The Pharoah's curse has come to Arkham, following the Egyptian exhibit that is currently visiting Miskatonic University. The effects of the Pharoah's curse are described below:

Know, O Thief: Each time an investigator gains a Unique Item (including starting equipment) that investigator loses 1 Sanity.

These Things are Mine: Each time an investigator gains an Exhibit item, roll a die. On a failure that investigator is Cursed.

Blood Will Boil: At the start of the Upkeep Phase, before rolling to get rid of Curses, each Cursed investigator loses 1 Stamina.

My Other Faces: All Mask monsters gain 1 toughness. In addition, each time a Mask monster is defeated, add one doom token to the Ancient One's doom track.

My True Glory: If Nyarlathotep is the Ancient One and he awakens, his combat modifier increases by 1 (to -5, -6, etc.) and has one extra doom token placed on his doom track (for a total of 12, 13, etc.) for each Mask monster on the board.

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Rex Murphy loses stamina for having his curse, even though he never rolls to discard it.