The Sleeper Awakens

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The Sleeper Awakens is scenario nine. It was first published on November 21, 2008.


Special rules

Each turn draw and resolve 2 Mythos cards. Only open the gate listed on the first Mythos card. Any time an Investigator may draw a unique item, they may choose an exhibit item instead. Every time a rift opens, raise the Terror level by 2. When Cthulhu awakens, increase Cthulhu’s attack modifier by 1 for each Star Spawn and Chthonian on the board, increase it by 2 for each Star Spawn and Chthonian still held as a Monster trophy.


Setup as normal. Add all components from all expansions. Treat both the King in Yellow and Curse of the Dark Pharaoh as permanent exhibits. Place the King In Yellow Herald in play. Place the epic battle cards in play.

Ancient One: Cthulhu

Remove the following from the decks:

Common items
Unique items

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