Miskatonic Horror

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Miskatonic Horror is the ninth expansion for the game Arkham Horror. It is a big box expansion, but does not include a board. This expansion functions primarily as an expansion for all of the previous expansions. It was released in July 2011.

The expansion does little to add to the base game. There are Player Reference Sheets which clearly list the Monster Limit, Gate Limit and other factors that change with the number of players. These are very handy as a reminder of all changes made based on number of players. Just set the card with the number of players next to the Ancient One.

There are also new Mythos cards which could be added right in, but the rest expands the content found in the expansions. Nearly every mechanic seen previously has additional cards (see list below). Additionally, the board expansions get 60-80 new locations cards each, a handful of which also require a second expansion. In fact, "two expansion cards" are a minor theme in this set. Allies found in the Dark Pharaoh set can also be found in Innsmouth, a Madness card might result from a bad experience in Dunwich. But these are only about 5% of the new cards.

The only new mechanic is Institutions, which are patrons of the Investigators. Three are included in this set. The benefits gained generally require the expenditure of trophies, creating some new interesting choices for players to make. Their use very slightly shifts the game in the favor of the Investigators.