The Key and the Gate

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The Key and the Gate is the ninth scenario of Session 2 of the Arkham League. It was first published on June 4, 2009. [1]



Ancient One: Yog-Sothoth

Add all of the Dunwich components, including the board.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

Clue tokens appear and are setup as normal. Calvin Wright must be taken as an ally. Calvin replaces one of the unique items, random or fixed, listed as an investigator’s starting possessions.

The Dunwich Horror begins the game at a random location. Draw the top card of the Mythos deck and place the Dunwich Horror token on the location indicated by “A Clue Appears At.” If no location is mentioned, discard the card and draw again. Any Investigator may choose to be devoured at Wizard's Hill, Whateley Farm, or Sentinel Hill to remove the Dunwich Horror from the board. Once removed, treat the Dunwich Horror as normal. Any Investigator with 2 or more gate trophies must immediately draw two spells, and discard their gate trophies. This does not affect how many must be closed to win. All lore checks require 1 additional success, but restore 1 sanity if successful.


Fully three-quarters of the men and boys of Dunwich were trooping over the roads and meadows between the newmade Whateley ruins and Cold Spring Glen, examining in horror the vast, monstrous prints, the maimed Bishop cattle, the strange, noisome wreck of the farmhouse, and the bruised, matted vegetation of the fields and roadside. Whatever had burst loose upon the world had assuredly gone down into the great sinister ravine; for all the trees on the banks were bent and broken, and a great avenue had been gouged in the precipice-hanging underbrush. It was as though a house, launched by an avalanche, had slid down through the tangled growths of the almost vertical slope. From below no sound came, but only a distant, undefinable foetor; and it is not to be wondered at that the men preferred to stay on the edge and argue, rather than descend and beard the unknown Cyclopean horror in its lair. Three dogs that were with the party had barked furiously at first, but seemed cowed and reluctant when near the glen.

The hordes of undead and the terrible quakes have subsided. The town of Arkham has quieted to a dull roar. The citizens are getting back to their daily routines and Wilbur Whateley is rebuilding his shed. Terror has haunted the town of Dunwich for a long time, and now it is beginning to spread. The Dunwich Horror finds a new home, and your team must find a way to stop it. Take on both Father and Son in Chapter 9 of the Arkham League!

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