Arkham League Session 2

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Session 2 of the Arkham League is a collection of scenarios published to the Fantasy Flight Games website.

The second session of the Arkham League scenarios began on February 2, 2009. Unlike the first session, the second session's scenarios form the progression of a story beginning with the prologue and culminating in the last scenario.


  1. Calvin Comes To Town
  2. The Madness Continues
  3. Strength in Numbers
  4. Lodge Members Held for Questioning
  5. Waves of Madness
  6. After the Storm
  7. True Terror Begins
  8. Chapter 8
  9. The Key and the Gate
  10. End Game

Notes from the FAQ

Investigators will be chosen from a pool of available investigators. This pool will change from scenario to scenario. Players may choose which investigator they wish to play, or they may choose to select randomly. If an investigator is devoured the player chooses from the investigators remaining in the pool. If the pool is empty, the player does not rejoin the team during that scenario. When the next scenario is posted, the pool is refreshed entirely including any devoured investigators.

In each scenario there will be listed what expansion is included. Only the listed expansions will be allowed in the scenario. No other items or expansion components my be used. ONLY THE ITEMS LISTED.

Characters chosen don't matter power wise, the goal is for people to play with who they want, and have a good time doing it. There might be some scenarios where being a spell caster might be harder, some where close combat is harder. The goal is fun, pure and simple.

You may play solo with as many investigators as you want. (within the 2-8 rule)

Once an investigator is devoured they are not out. They are only out for the current scenario.

Only monsters from the game set being played are allowed in. (If base then only base monsters, if Dunwich then add those...)

Yes you may change Investigators every scenario. The pool will refresh and some Investigators may no longer be in it, new ones will be added.

Clue tokens are a finite resource. Once you are out of clue tokens they can not be obtained. The clues put on a rumor are only markers, and may be replaced with coins if clue tokens are needed. If you must place a marker on a rumor and there are no clue tokens, you must place a replacement marker on the rumor.

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