Unending Darkness

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Unending Darkness is a mythos card. It first appeared in the Miskatonic Horror expansion.

Card Information

Mythos Type: Rumor

Doom Tokens Added: 2

Clue Appears At: No clues

Monster Movement
PlusPlus dimensional symbol
CrescentCrescent dimensional symbol

Mythos Ability: Ongoing Effect: Place 10 Clue tokens on this card. When a monster moves from a street area or a location to the Sky or into a vortex (either on the Dunwich Horror or Innsmouth Horror expansion game boards), remove 1 Clue token from this card.

Pass: If each investigator is Blessed, return this card to the box. Each investigator has his maximum Sanity increased by 1. Any player with 1 or more Madness cards (from the Dunwich Horror expansion) may choose 1 to discard.

Fail: If the number of Clue tokens on this card is less than the terror level, return it to the box. All players discard all of their Spells and then the Spell deck is returned to the box. Investigators may not use Spells for the rest of the game.