True Terror Begins

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True Terror Begins is the seventh scenario of Session 2 of the Arkham League. It was first published on April 30, 2009.



Ancient One: Glaaki

Add all of the Dunwich components, including the board.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

The following locations begin the game closed:

Special rules

Clue tokens appear as normal. Calvin Wright must be taken as an ally. Calvin replaces one of the unique items, random or fixed, listed as an investigator’s starting possessions. Cultists have their will rating set at -3 dealing 2 Sanity Damage and their combat rating set to -3 dealing 3 Stamina damage. If there are two or more cultists in a location at the end of the Mythos phase raise the terror level by 1. Any player may choose to be devoured to remove 3 Doom tokens from the Doom track. Any investigator who is sent to the hospital by a cultist must remove the cultist from the board and place the cultist on his sheet. If Glaaki wakes up, any investigator with a cultist on his sheet is immediately devoured.

Notes from the FAQ


I sit here penning this, shivering with fear. The events leading up to this have been harrowing at best. I have seen terror on a scale more massive than my comprehension would allow. My story was in danger of vanishing entirely, and if not for the intervention of key members in Arkham, I would not be here to write this. I have fled Ma’s after creatures came in the night and savaged a fellow boarder. I am now on the run with McGlen and Jenny. All three of us are beyond scared, but I feel that Jenny is the only one among us who refuses to let the fear overtake her. I have frozen in fights, stunned into paralysis by the terrors I have witnessed. McGlen has been wounded on numerous occasions, I am still amazed by his recuperation after each fight.

The last horror was unleashed by the Cult of the Hundred. It was they who stole Jenny’s sister, and it was they who tried to unleash the goat with a thousand young into our world. Their plans were foiled due to our intervention and that of a rival cult. A secret society hidden deep within the Silver Twilight Lodge, unbeknownst to even most of the lodge members, threatened to unleash the god of the cold white silence. The battle culminated between these entities and their followers. I fear we were only able to stabilize the forces involved, and force both groups to retreat only to return once they have regained their strength.

New shapes emerge from the darkness, the foul servants of dark powers. We barely defeated the minions of the Cult of the Hundred and the twisted members of the lodge, and now new figures race to fill their place. Evil creatures lurk about campus, and the sounds of chanting emanate from the Science Building. Awful quakes and tremors have reverberated about ever since those warped monsters appeared at the Science Building. Ghastly beings now seem to be flowing forth from the Witch House, and shambling forms have twice been repelled by McGlen and Jenny.

A new cult has risen from within the town of Arkham. These deviant beasts seem bent on destroying the world. They shake the very foundations of the world, and seem oblivious to the thought of their own demise should the world collapse. I was able to take part in a small way, in thwarting their latest efforts, but I fear they have had much more time to prepare for their master’s arrival than the cult of the Hundred had. I pray that the next horror won’t be the end of me. I can no longer sleep without nightmarish visions racing about my brain. “Ashcan” Pete and I have had many talks, between fights. I fear he may be the only one who understands my visions, but has no concept as to how to cope with them. Dexter Drake was my next option, but he has vanished on a mission of his own devising. He muttered something about a Whateley, but the name meant nothing to me.

I have slowly begin to accept that Ella is lost to me forever. Her face is difficult to picture in my mind, it must fight with the horrors I have seen. My child will never grow up, never get the chance to enjoy the world. I fear that I will grow up, and yet never enjoy the world again. I have lost that which is most dear to me, and now I am being pursued by creatures and cultists, visions and nightmares. I can’t afford to be maudlin, there is still much I must do.

New faces have been seen about the town. Faces unfamiliar and claiming to be from the city of Dunwich. They claim things are worse there, but I fear I can’t allow myself to believe it. If the conditions in Arkham seem appealing after the trials I have seen, then I fear I never wish to set foot in Dunwich. A man by the name of Jim Culver has brought us tales of bands of undead. We have filled him in on the hooded figures and the shadowy members of the lodge. We have both shared the quakes that are rocking Arkham. We have stood against monsters terrible and overwhelming. We have snuck past things that haunt my dreams. These are the end times. These are the things that go bump in the night. I fear nothing we are doing is helping, and death will be my only reward.

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