Waves of Madness

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Waves of Madness is the fifth scenario of Session 2 of the Arkham League. It was first published on April 9, 2009.



Ancient One: Ithaqua and Shub-Niggurath

Setup the base game as normal. Add the Madness and Injury cards, the unique items, and the monsters from Dunwich. Add all of the Black Goat expansion.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

The following locations begin the game closed:

Special rules

No clue tokens start on the board, and no Investigators start with any clue tokens. Calvin must be taken as an ally, he replaces a unique item. Only investigators with a starting unique item may take him. Every time a doom token should be added to a Doom track, it is added to Shub’s track if there are more monsters in Uptown, Southside, Miskatonic U., and the Merchant District combined than the other areas combined. Otherwise the token is added to Ithaqua’s track. In case of equal numbers, add a token to both. When the total number of Doom tokens is 12 or higher, the Ancient One with the higher Doom token count wakes up. In case of a tie, they both wake up. Resolve their attacks simultaneously, and remove the Doom tokens in numerical order, alternating between Ancient Ones. Both Ancient Ones are Physically Immune, and have their attack value set at -6.

Notes from the FAQ

Both Ithaqua and Shub retain their -6 modifier and Physical Immunity even if they wake alone.

No, no herald is in play. As if 2 Ancient Ones isn't enough.

Cultists gain benefits from both Shub and Ithaqua, giving them a total toughness of 4.

If Doom tokens are removed, they may be removed from the Ancient One of your choice.

If only one Ancient One wakes up, you only need to remove the Doom tokens from the awakened Ancient Ones track.

If no Doom tokens are placed on Shub's track, then Ithaqua wakes up at 12 not 11. You will need to remove all 12 doom tokens in the final combat, instead of the normal 11.

The Outskirts and Sky do not count for the purposes of total monster count when placing a Doom token. Only locations in Arkham are counted for this.

When scoring the game, the Ancient One's Doom track counts as 12.

No Clue tokens are banked.

If the Ancient Ones are awakened by too many open gates or some other effect that causes them to awake, both tracks are filled up and both awaken immediately. If the spell Call Ancient One is used, fill both tracks, and then remove Doom tokens as per the normal rules (alternating between the two tracks).

When the Ancient One wakes up, or if they both wake up, fill the Doom track with Doom tokens, just as if this was a normal game of Arkham. All normal rules apply, the scenario just lists exceptions or changes.

After drawing a card for an open location during the Mythos phase, the rules say: 1) the doom track is increased, then 2) the gate opens, then 3) the monster appears. This holds true for the "A gate and monster appear."

The first gate will place 2 Doom tokens.


No story was posted for this chapter.

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