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An Ancient One (also referred to "Great Old One" or, more colloquially, "GOO") is a terrible and powerful alien creature from beyond time and space. In Arkham Horror the Ancient One is rousing from a long slumber, and it's up to the investigators to stop it from waking up! Each Ancient One sheet lists the powers, combat statistics, and worshippers associated with one of these alien beings. At the beginning of every game of Arkham Horror, the players randomly determine which Ancient One will threaten the city.

Ancient One mechanics

List of Ancient Ones

Ancient One Doom Track Expansion
Abhoth 11 2Dunwich Horror
Atlach-Nacha 13 4Kingsport Horror
Azathoth 14
Bokrug 12 6Innsmouth Horror
Chaugnar Faugn 12 6Innsmouth Horror
Cthugha 13 6Innsmouth Horror
Cthulhu 13
Daoloth 12 0Promotional offer
Eihort 12 4Kingsport Horror
Ghatanothoa 13 6Innsmouth Horror
Glaaki 12 2Dunwich Horror
Hastur 13
Ithaqua 11
Nyarlathotep 11
Nyogtha 12 6Innsmouth Horror
Quachil Uttaus 12 6Innsmouth Horror
Rhan-Tegoth 11 6Innsmouth Horror
Shub-Niggurath 12
Shudde M'ell 12 2Dunwich Horror
Tsathoggua 13 2Dunwich Horror
Y'Golonac 12 4Kingsport Horror
Yibb-Tstll 11 4Kingsport Horror
Yig 10
Yog-Sothoth 12
Zhar 11 6Innsmouth Horror

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